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Car Bumpers

Car Bumpers: Necessity

Undoubtedly, every car owner is keen about the safety and security of the vehicle. Especially, if you think about vehicle safety, you will understand the importance of car bumpers very well. Bumpers are essential protection parts. Imagine the car without bumper. We just cannot. Even small dashes or hits can lead to huge repair expenses in this case. Bumpers are installed in front as well as in rear part of the car. The car rear bumper protects vehicle from dashes at the rear side. Depending on the design of the car, rear bumpers protect the rear body parts as well as the passengers travelling within the car.

Car bumpers are not meant to reduce the high-speed impacts or collisions but there are many situations where car dashes or lightly collides at front or rear side, bumpers can reduce the bumps and damages out of it. Bumpers are the legal necessity mentioned by jurisdiction. The height and placement of the bumpers is also specified legally to ensure road safety and to avoid major damages.

In 1971, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) introduced regulations for car bumpers. The International safety regulations first developed as European standards accepted in most of the countries today. The standards for bumpers incorporate impacts of 4km/h to the front and rear while in front and rear corners; it is 2.5km/h. According to these norms, car bumpers should be 45.5cm or 18 inch above the ground.

When it comes to car bumper repair, most of the time, it is related with bends or complete cracks. Some bends can be repaired otherwise bumper replacement is necessary. As front and rear bumper plays important role to offer good look and appearance to the cars, bumper replacement is good alternative to regain the condition and look of the car. There is immense variety of car bumpers available in the market. You will find a variety of designs, patterns and make of the bumpers in the market. The choice can depend on strength and durability of material, look as well as price.

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